Brooklyn Technical High School's Robotics Team has been an integral part of the school community since the team's founding. It encompasses the school's spirit of engineering achievement and innovation, while fostering the development of young leaders. Members are encouraged to take initiative under the guidance of seasoned coaches and mentors.

The team focuses on its annual participation in the FIRST Robotics Competition. The US FIRST organization was founded by Dean Kamen in 1989, citing its goals as, "to transform our culture by creating a world where science and technology are celebrated and where young people dream of becoming science and technology leaders." Each year, it challenges teams to design, build, wire and program a robot within a six week time period. The build season culminates in regional competitions, as well as a final championship. The mission of this competition is to encourage the active participation of youth, in the hopes of inspiring them to pursue STEM related fields.

Since its founding, the Brooklyn TechKnights have competed each year, gaining a vast collection of knowledge and experience. The team continues to refine its technique by fostering the growth of successive generations of engineers, ones who will not only dominate in competition, but will become leaders in their respective fields.
  • Leads

    Team Captain

    Benjamin Spiegel

    Team Captain

    Doth my nugs bequeath me?

    Design Lead

    Tiarnan Rice

    Design Lead

    This is a really deep quote.

    Mechanical Lead

    Forest Shostak

    Mechanical Lead

    Every moment is a time to teach and a time to learn.

    Electrical Lead

    Cory Burda

    Electrical Lead


    Programming Lead

    August Trollback

    Programming Lead

    Programming ethusiast interested in Ruby, JVM languages, and web development.

    Media Captain

    Mymuna Begum

    Media Captain

    I don't talk that much.

  • Programming
    The programmers are responsible for writing the code that makes the robot come alive, figuratively speaking. The coding process starts the very first day, after game strategies are laid out by the team. Flow charts are made and then the programmers go off to their tasks. They write the code for the robot's basic functions before it is built and then continue with more advanced programs- like the autonomous code- after the body is made and wired.

    Kevin Zheng

    Scoutmaster, Website Manager

    August Seiple

    Embedded Systems Specialist

    Two words: Murphy's Law

    Joseph Babbitt

    Website Manager

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    Dan Shafman

    Excel is my favorite language.

    Zakaria Elkatani

    Robotics is fun.

    Eric Jiang

    You gotta risk it to get the biscuit.

    Saikanam Siam

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    Samuel Piltch

    Nothing's better than a burrito.

  • Electrical
    Following the initial prototyping stages, the electrical division analyzes the body of the robot to determine the best way to layout the wiring and components. The members wire everything as neatly and efficiently as possible to ease any troubleshooting that may happen in the future. They work closely with the programming division because the wiring can affect how the code is carried out.

    Justin Woo

    I love robotics.

    Jack Dai

    Words cannot explain what this bio has to say!!

    Jason Huang

    Do I need a quote? Does it matter?

    Halil Turan

    hi i am a robot

    Irene Li

    My relationship status is: in Engineering

    Christina Nguyen

    Junior in the Electrical Engineering major. Passionate about STEM

  • Mechanical
    The mechanical division comprises the largest part of the team, with 12 members this year. Immediately after Kickoff, this division develops the basic design for the robot, after which they then utilize the Autodesk Inventor program to digitally model the robot components. Following this, they are able to start building components and prototyping while keeping in mind space, weight, and other various constraints. Most of the body is machined in Brooklyn Tech's own machine shop by the team members.

    Serenity Monroe

    I'm here to build things and meme, and I'm all out of memes.

    Dominic Yong

    I've always wanted to become an engineer. If all else fails, I will become a comedian. Just kidding.

    Brandon Wood

    Sleep is optional, coffee is not.

    Alberto Perez

    Excited to start my third year of being on the robotics team

    Thivya Srikumar

    Brian Ly

    Don't forget to be awesome

    Nikolas Burzynski

    Can someone tell me what I should write in my bio?

    Nia Blankson

    "You can fix my gears."-Robotics Kickoff Video 2k17

    Adam Sanandaji

    I plan on building something.

    Michael Mrzyk


    Wiley Muchowski

    Mech & Robotics major. Token tall guy.

    Siddharth Martis

    Pretend I wrote something deep and affecting.

    Marieross Navarro

    There are no flaws in my code.

    Senthia Ahmed

    Live, learn, engineer.

    Brett Cohen

    "Robotics is like sailing, no one respects either."

    Oscar Yong

    I don't know what to do..

    Ahmad Abdulwadood


    Sean Shaheed

    Robotics is amazing and I love everything to do with this

    John Panagiotopoulos

    I like all the feilds of robotics, but i take passion in mechanical engineering the most

  • Media
    Our media divison is responsible for documenting our team's endeavors for our website's blog. The medias serve as both our photographers and videographers as they coordinate with our website manager to distribute our content to the world. This division also allows for students who may not be interested in engineering to nevertheless contribute to the robotics team.

    Nathanael Lopez

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  • Coaches

    Shaina Doherty

    Team Coach

    Someone help us. We are in the hands of engineers.

    Timothy Lyons

    Mechanical Coach

    Nathan Levin

    Programming Coach

    Robots are like people. 3D printed people. Robots are the future of people.