Build Season Commences...

Siddharth Martis

Taking on the Power Up! challenge, the Tech Knights begin prototyping. The team split into divisions and began designing. Setting goals for itself, Team 334 immediately superseded them leading some groups to even start their CADs early. Though nothing is finalized, one thing is for sure; the Tech Knights have champs on their mind.

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Kickoff 2018!

Brian Ly

It's that time of year again and all FRC teams are breaking in the new year with FIRST Power Up. This year we're going retro with an old school arcade themed game. All members, new and old, of Team 334 Techknights rush to the game manual to determine the most dominant designs and strategies to later evaluate the feasibility of said designs. After a long day of excitement and months of anticipation, day two can't come soon enough.

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New York City Regional

August Trollback

After an impressively productive day in which we replaced the entire superstructure of the robot, we allied with the SciBorgs (1155) and the Fe Maidens (2265) to reach the semifinals in eliminations. We had a blast at the event and the team is eager to compete next year!

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Bag and Tag

Mymuna Begum

The robot has been bagged and tagged after the team completed building and programming the robot in the little time they had left. We hope that the robot is successful in the NYC regional this year after all the effort that went into it.

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