Mid-season Madness

Mymuna Begum

It’s officially the third week of build season and the team is scrambling to complete the CAD of the robot. Though the prototyping of the rope climbing mechanism and indexer is still underway, the team is now manufacturing this year's official chassis. With all the hectic building occurring in the lab, the programmers took to the halls with a practice robot to test their autonomous code which worked as intended. All in all, it was a day well spent for all of us!

Finalizing Designs and Prototypes

Nick Svan

It’s halfway into week two and we’ve now split up into different groups to work on separate modules of the robot. The shooter prototypes have been tested and the team is working on finalizing the design. The mentors are also still helping the new members in refining their CAD skills.

Progress and Prototyping

Mymuna Begum

It’s week two, and the team continues to build their prototype of the robot. Three different versions of the shooter and the rope climber were designed and a sheet metal version of the shooter is currently being prototyped. Programming successfully developed vision and mentors have taught every single new member how to CAD.

Kickoff Day

Alexandra Gostev

The team strategized and brainstormed all day as they tackled this year's game: FIRST STEAMWORKS! The team is excited for all that's to come, and is hard at work trying to design the perfect bot!