Week 5 - Assembly

Alexandra Gostev

One more week until bag and tag and the robot is slowly coming together! Though there were a few technical issues, we are still going strong and will be able to compete in March. One of our biggest problems is finding the perfect name for our knight.

Week 3 - Building and Brainstorming

Mymuna Begum

Week three is coming to a close, and the team is right on schedule. As they finish up the last parts to the robot's design, the mentors are helping them build prototypes as well as program a practice bot.

Week 1 - Building and Brainstorming

Mymuna Begum

The team members begin to build a practice robot to get back in the groove of build season, while designing an efficient and robust bot to represent the tech knights at Javits. The practice bot is a great way to help teach the newest members of the team the different skills needed to build strong robots. After finishing the practice bot, they will be able to understand how to use the machines in the shop and play an active role building our robot competing in this years competition.

Kickoff 2016!

Mymuna Begum

The Tech Knights attended the 2016 Kickoff at LIU Brooklyn today and are excited about this years game! Stronghold proves to be a challenge, as the team brainstorms the perfect robot. With over 10,000 different field combinations, the robot must be prepared for anything. It must also be able to scale a tower, overcome various obstacles and shoot "boulders" into opponents towers. Will the Tech Knights design an awesome knight in shining armor? You bet!