Progress and Prototyping

It’s week two, and the team continues to build their prototype of the robot. Three different versions of the shooter and the rope climber were designed and a sheet metal version of the shooter is currently being prototyped. Programming successfully developed vision and mentors have taught every single new member how to CAD.

Kickoff Day

The team strategized and brainstormed all day as they tackled this year's game: FIRST STEAMWORKS! The team is excited for all that's to come, and is hard at work trying to design the perfect bot!

Kickoff 2017, Excited for the big day

Only 12 hours until the hustle and bustle of build season begins! The team is on their toes and anticipating a hectic yet exciting 6 weeks. We can't wait to find out what this years game will be!

Tech Knights showcase at the Titans of Tech Alumni Foundation Dinner

On November 30th, the Tech Knights attended the Titans of Tech event, where tech alumni were honored and had the chance to share their stories of success. We are so grateful to have met so many influential and inspiring alumni at this event. The honorary ceremony allowed us to talk to some of the graduates of Tech, who’ve greatly contributed to both their field and to the tech community. We hope that through our hard work and resilience, we can follow in their foot steps. It was our pleasure to showcase the robot we passionately worked on last season and we can’t wait to build again this upcoming season. The audience was captivated by our creative design, and we hope that our technological achievement will inspire future generations of Tech, just as the alumni have inspired us.

The End of Week Six

The team had the robot bagged and tagged right on time, after six weeks of hard work, dedication, and team work. During those weeks, we have grown as a team, and have become stronger and more efficient than we were before. In two weeks, we'll be on our way to compete at the NYC regional, with high hopes and determination.