New York City Regional

After an impressively productive day in which we replaced the entire superstructure of the robot, we allied with the SciBorgs (1155) and the Fe Maidens (2265) to reach the semifinals in eliminations. We had a blast at the event and the team is eager to compete next year!

Bag and Tag

The robot has been bagged and tagged after the team completed building and programming the robot in the little time they had left. We hope that the robot is successful in the NYC regional this year after all the effort that went into it.

The Clock is Ticking...

With only three days remaining in the build season, we are finalizing the remaining components of the robot. Though the team may be behind compared to other teams, we believe our robot clearly shows how much effort we've put in this season. The quality of this years robot will definitely show at competition. However, at the moment there is much to be done.

Week Four​

After an abundance of angle grinding, filing and arguments over who had to use the hand-crank drill, the chassis was finally completed. The team is now manufacturing the finalized version of the gear intake system, while the indexer continues to be prototyped on the side. Unlike last year, the team has not yet faced any major mechanical issues in the start of our fourth week of build season. Hopefully, our progress isn't halted by any problems in the weeks to come.

Team 334 Progress

We have been hard at work, with a very productive build season so far. We have completed the climbing mechanism and developed a working chassis. Now all that is left is the intake mechanism, gear placement, and shooting mechanism to complete the robot. We plan on meeting our goal of finishing a week in advance. The completion of our robot is just over the horizon, and the FIRST competition not very far behind.